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You'll love our amazing Casa Batlló augmented reality video guide!

The Casa Batlló augmented reality video guide comes free with your online ticket. You'll marvel at Barcelona at the start of the 20th century and see how Gaudí was inspired by nature: something that's reflected in every corner of the house, both inside and out. Discover Gaudí's light and colour with the video guide!


What experience do you want to live?

Choose yours and take advantage of the visit that best suits your days in Barcelona. You have up to 4 guys to choose from , will we help you? You can come very early, you can save your queues, you can come the day you want, you can decide later ...

Casa Batlló + FastPass

Skip the line!
29,50 €

Queues? What queues? I shop online and when I arrive directly . I do not waste a minute and I visit with the videoguide this UNESCO Heritage.Buy my ticket

Casa Batlló

For Gaudí lovers
24,50 €

As a good Gaudí Lover I do not miss the visit! With the SmartGuide I will discover all the ins and outs of Casa Batlló so as not to miss a detail of Gaudi's imagination.Buy my ticket

Casa Batlló + OpenDate

Come when you want!
31,50 €

I do not know what day to come, I have not yet decided the time ... I do not worry, I go with the Open Date! I will decide later on what day and at what time I visit.Buy my ticket

Be the First!

Good morning! Wake up to Casa Batlló
37,00 €

To discover this jewel of Gaudí I want to reach the first. A maximum of 30 people will have the luxury of visiting Casa Batlló almost emptyBuy my ticket